Gods and Demons

Worshiped throughout Midgard, but mainly by Norgan and Netherite shamans. Elementals are small things that gain notice, the breeze in the trees, the fleeting flame that burns the tree, the flood that douses the flame, the mountain that makes the flood. The more notice a thing gains, the more smaller notions flock to it, and the more power it gains. The more it knows itself. Some Elementals appear and are gone in the blink of an eye. Others are ancient, nigh ageless, and know things that have long been erased.

  • Tothvryn, a riptide
  • The Wild Wood

A Hundred Heavenly Hosts
The small gods of Lutetia are a cavalcade of ideas, and people, and histories, all deified, worshiped, and given power. Way back when most of them were Elementals of some kind or other but they have long since been re-molded as more easily approached ideals.

  • Albia – the divine female flood

The Kings Without Faces
Incomprehensible deities to whom dabblers in the Aberrant turn. They are all unpleasant truths, riddles, or koans. They cannot be fully known without tearing holes in the minds of those who contemplate them. The Kings are vastly powerful creatures, but they are as far away as a creature can be. They are more distant than miles, or hours, permit.

  • Yajī’u ash-shudhdhādh – gates
  • Haïta – shepherds
  • The Name that must not find breath – pipers

Ascendent Itani champions, reincarnated through the blood. The Itani practice ancestor worship, and organise themselves into tribes based around those ancestors. Even if an Itani is born into the wrong tribe, their oracles are quick to remedy the situation.

  • Fraene
  • Sholto (drums)
  • Kesh (crows)
  • Bortai
  • Haventel
  • Kaitir
  • Hagoi (worms)
  • Eimhir

Demons A specific breed of Elementals, after a fashion. Demonic forces are those that arise from the repression of ideas and emotions. They are stillborn spirits, kept under again and again and again, ignored to the point of an obsession. The more institutionalised repression a society permits, the more it spawns demons. Hell is everything you wish you could ignore. Fortunately, like Elementals, the truly powerful are rare. Also fortunately, they seem largely confined to Dalriadan culture.

  • Kant

Dragons Dragons are very large, very old elementals.

  • Ese’kele’met (Your time is done) – endings, decay, age, breath weapon ages life, rusts metal. Lives in the desolate mountains of Dalriada. Weathers the land as it travels, so it doesn’t that much anymore, and now sleeps on a bed of sand. At rest it appears as a pile of bones and corpses, scavenged from the land, a mixture of the dead and their grave goods. When it flies, clouds burst and die. It is strongly resistant to piercing and slashing weapons, healed by cause wounds spells, and has a fearsome reputation as a killer of heroes. The Itani sacrifice the bodies of outsiders to it a a means of buying its disregard.
  • ybril’Khaedehbrhe – ritual, a pseudodragon sized scholar who goes by the name “Puff” and appears to be the familiar of the Beloved’s Chamberlain.
  • Sirrug – dream and nightmare, previously trapped beneath Casta, shapeshifts, causes illusions, breath weapon is a sleep gas.

Gods and Demons

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