+2 Dexterity, –2 Constitution, +2 Wisdom: Keshani are fast and observant, but relatively fragile and delicate.

Senses: Keshani have low-light vision.

Sneaky: Keshani gain a +2 racial bonus on Perception and Stealth.

Gifted Linguist: Keshani gain a +4 racial bonus on Linguistics checks, and learn 2 languages each time they gain a rank in Linguistics rather than 1 language.

Swordtrained: Keshani are trained from birth in swordplay, and as a result are automatically proficient with sword-like weapons (including bastard swords, daggers, elven curve blades, falchions, greatswords, kukris, longswords, punching daggers, rapiers, scimitars, short swords, and two-bladed swords).

Natural Weapon: Keshani possess a bite natural attack that inflicts 1d3 points of damage on a hit. This is a primary attack, or a secondary attack if the tengu wields a manufactured weapon.

Languages: Keshani begin play speaking Common (Itani dialect) and their own dialect of Tengu. Tengus with high Intelligence scores can choose any language as a bonus language

Racial Secret: Keshani Flashback. The Crow cousins of the Kesh Lineage are plagued throughout their lives with memories that they have never lived. Almost always concerned with Dalriada in some way, and often of Itani or avian origin, these memories may prove useful (as hints and clues concerning a given location or event) or crippling (when occuring mid-fight).


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