The Immovable Spear

an itch you just can't scratch

weapon (melee)

+1 Short Spear (one handed), 1d4/1d6, x2, 20ft, P (brace)


An Immovable Spear is an unholy marriage between an immovable rod and Goblin blacksmithing. The whole thing is a barbed and blackened spar of pig iron, a spear-head on one end, and an ugly looking ring-pommel on the other. When twisted, the pommel pushes down upon the button that the twisted metalwork conceals, and triggers the item that hides at its core: a standard immovable rod. Used mainly as a backstab weapon the Spear does minimal damage but can be braced with the barest of available room. Further, those pinned by it must make deeply unpleasant efforts to get unpinned. If the tip is free then the victim must only get lose of the barb at that end, but if they are unfortunate enough to be pinned to a wall, or the floor, the pommel is wide and blunt enough that it offers even greater resistance.

Arena’s Folly (formerly The Maga Spar) is currently the only Immovable Spear in existence. Thankfully, it has been lost in the Northern Straits, and those seeking to recover it must deal with the enormous squid caught upon its hook.

Arena’s Pinion, however, is currently in production.

The Immovable Spear

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