Krav Maga

Persistently lethal Skull Tribe Champion


9th level Goblin Rogue

Skills: Stealth, Bluff, Intimidate, Acrobatics, Perception, Sense Motive, Sleight of Hand, Knowledge (geography), Ride, Survival

Feats: weapon finesse, combat expertise, improved feint (feint as move), endurance, die hard, improved initiative

Rogue talents: surprise attack, bleeding attack, fast stealth, combat trick

Wearing shadowfold, has an immovable spear (with further chainlink modification), 3 healing potions (3d8+5), 1 tanglefoot bag, caltrops (poisoned), manbane (1d4+1, +3/1d4+2d6 vs. men poisoned, first hit is an extra 2d6 to humans, 1d6 and another 1d6 on subsequent rounds on failed fort saves), 1 entropic shield potion (20% miss chance on ranged weaponry)


Krav Maga, otherwise known as “skullface”, was a highly successful agent provocateur, assassin, and all round bad-egg. As the Skull-tribe’s foremost scout, favoured tactics included hit-and-run warfare, the use of hemlock as a poison, and the judicious deployment of mooks. In the power vacuum left by the death of his Chieftan at the hands of the now disgraced and also deceased Lord Thoma of Elorhim Halls, he rapidly rose to prominence within the remnants of his tribe, only to then play a decisive role in the Skull’s attempt at instigating large scale warfare with the humans of Norga. Most notably, Maga was directly responsible for the death of Thane Hesha in an act that would later prove to be a suicide mission.

Maga’s most memorable feature was a full head lye-burn tattoo, turning his already ugly features into a horrifying mask of pale, burnt, flesh designed to mimic the look of a hairless skull.

GM note: Maga actually started as a low level “elite” goblin who just wouldn’t stop rolling 20s. Having successfully dropped the party tank almost single handedly, it only seemed natural that he would have the common sense to flee once the party’s rogues got involved. Thus, a recurring nemesis.

Krav Maga

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