After Me, The Flood.


STR: 10 DEX: 11 CON: 10
INT: 16 WIS: 8 CHA: 19
WILL: 4 FORT: 2 REF: 2
INIT: 4 SPD: 30 AC: 10
CMB: 3 CMD: 3 BAB: 3
HP: 28

Elemental Ray: B, d6, 20×2, 30, 7/day Javelins: P, d6 20×2, 30

Skills: Bluff 9, Craft (traps) 8, Intimidate 11, Knowledge (Arcana) 8, Knowledge (elemental) 8, Spellcraft 10, Swim 7

Feats: Skill Focus, Improved counterspell, Combat Casting, Arcan Strike (+2), Martial Weapon Proficiency (Flail), Empower Spell, Eschew Materials.

Special Abilities: Low-light, Immune to Sleep, Resistant to Charm (+2), Swim (60ft), Resistant to Cold (10)

Spells Known: Create Water, Detect Magic, Detect Poison, Mage Hand, Message, Open/Close, Ray of Frost // Burning Hands, Chill Touch, Magic Missile, True strike, Grease // Scorching Ray, Fog cloud, Touch of Idiocy, Spectral Hand // Protection from Energy, Vampiric Touch, Lightning Bolt

Nysander carries the potions: Man friend, Beast friend, Invisible Help, Thick Skin, Embiginate, Find The Vein, Dream Breath, Shifting (2), Greater Shifting, Scout the wall, a bag of teeth, 80 gold, and a golemists manual.



Unnatural 20 umbriel