Kenneth Iggit, OBE

Chivalry means never having to say you're sorry.


7th level Human (Lutetia) Paladin

STR: 15 DEX: 12 CON: 14
INT: 8 WIS: 6 CHA: 18
WILL: 7 FORT: 11 REF: 7
INIT: 1 SPD: 30 AC: 20
CMB: 9 CMD: 20 BAB: 7/2
HP: 63

Longsword of the Lady: Lutetian Oathblade+1, S/P, d8 19-20×2 Arrowbane: Lutetian Shield, B, d6, 20×2 Lance of the Flood: P, d8, 20×3

Skills: Diplomacy 9, Handle Animal 8, Ride 8

Feats: Two-weapon fighting, Selective Channeling, Mounted Combat, Ride-by-attack, Improved Shield Bash

Special Abilities: Smite Evil (3), Mercies (Diseased, Fatigued), Lay on Hands (7), Detect Evil, Aura of Good, Aura of Courage, Divine Health, Channel Positive Energy, Divine Bond (weapon)

Ken wears piecemeal Breastplate and Chain and carries an Arrowbane Shield, the Longsword of the Lady, a Lance of The Flood, jump potions (2), a feather fall potion, and an enlarge person potion. He rides Toduckeroche, a shire horse.


Kenneth Iggit, OBE

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