Unnatural 20


With the ashes of Goodland and the corpse of Argurosh left behind them, our brave travelers traipse further north. They encounter streams of fire, bridges of ice, and an unpleasantly verdant forest, all before reaching their most northerly destination in Norga- Worgton, the settlement formerly known as Harrowdale.

After a confrontation with Kafu’s past, the discovery of a glacial cathedral, and the maiming of Elowen, an enormously abberant creature is eventually defeated. The party gather their forces in its wake, now aided by Talia’s strange replacement and the orcs of the Worg tribe, to halt a war that seems almost inevitable. Rapid travel across Norga brings them into contact with further Ogres, bands of damaged and amnesiac orcs, a host of eagles, Sala’s demented witch, and their old friends from Elorhim, the Skull tribe. This time, the party are prepared, and the goblins they face are almost entirely dispatched. Only one survives to flee.



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