Unnatural 20

Leaving Lutetia

Having inherited a house in the wealthy townships surrounding Lutetia, our merry band of adventurers have set off to recover the missing contents, a treasure trove supposedly carried off by orcs some weeks ago. The motivation behind such a southerly incursion, and the purpose in looting only the one household have both so far remained a mystery, but as the party track the offenders further and further north it is clear that something other than ambition is directing the Goblinoids of Norga. A black and angering madness has slowly descended upon the greenskin tribes and in its wake lies the threat of war.

Now well within the icy grasp of the North, our explorers have found themselves as witnesses to the burning remains of Goodland. The town has been utterly over-run by orcs, its holy icon stolen, its residents slain almost to a man, and as daylight creeps into the streets, the invaders have begun to sing a twisted and backward chant. Once in the service of Arghurosh, a brutally savage Orog tactician, they have been claimed by a deeper darkness, as Goodland itself has been.

Somewhere amongst the wreckage stalks Arena, pinned to the shadows by both the coming dawn and her own memory, a spirit of murderous vengeance upon her. In time the orcs will inevitably discover this little death. It is the only time Arena has unless Elowen can yet again evade the Maw of the Wolf.

On the hill above Goodland, Kafu keeps his own dangerous company. Arghurosh himself remains clear of lunacy, for now, and may hold essential information on his kin, a place to hide, and the loot that is rightfully theirs. Largely devoid of sorcerous might or mystical healing, Kafu can only hope that his charm is enough to keep him alive.


From Nic:

Also worth noting:

Elowyn was the one to steal the holy icon in the first place. It seemed like the only way to get Arghurosh’s troops to pull out of Goodland. It didn’t work, though. By the time she made it to him, he’d just been knocked unconscious in a vicious battle against a second band of orcs, these ones diseased/corrupted. Kafu and Arghurosh (along with Talia and Ekrin) managed to dispatch a fair bit of this corrupted band, including their leader, only to discover Arghurosh’s own troops back in town had become corrupted after having seized and (essentially) razed Goodland. Arghurosh has a hiding spot nearby, and we’re following him back there. By “we,” i mean: Kafu, Elowyn, Talia, Ekrin, a surviving warg, a completely shellshocked human priest (taken hostage) and the holy icon of Goodland.

The plan is to rest up a bit if we can and stealthily attempt to retrieve Arena from Goodland, preferably without having to fight a shit-ton of maddened orcs in a burning city. Then there is the small matter of whether we can get Arena comfortable with our new allegiance to an orog general who essentially did to Goodland exactly what was done to her own village.

Leaving Lutetia

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